I create bespoke leather goods that are inspired equally by antiques and the cutting edge and am interested in luxury objects that can stand the test of time. I have been a leather design specialist for over 20 years and I use only the best quality leathers and fixings in order to achieve things that can be treasured.

I am most inspired when I sit down with a client and discuss their individual requirements and needs; this then enables me to go back to my studio, where the creative process begins.

In my career I have had all sorts of requests, ranging from quotidian items such as bespoke handbags and trunks, to the strange and bizzare: from magician’s boxes to designing holsters for entire police forces or even covering ontire walls in shagreen! I have also designed and fitted entire interiors as well as created costumes for theatre.

I am not interested in mass production or in throwaway culture; I use traditional techniques and craftsmanship in order to achieve a beautiful and lasting end product. The whole process is important to me, from the initial sketch to the final polishing - I design and handmake everything in my London workshop.

I believe that individual objects that have been carefully and lovingly designed and crafted according to the tastes and personality of the client are the ones that will be testament to our times and creativity for generation to come.